Fiber In The Home

At Rainbow Fish, the inventor of the first HDMI-certified fiber optic cable, we believe in providing the very best quality audio and video content for enjoyment in the home. Movies, TV shows, sports, concerts and games are exciting and full of life when connected with Rainbow Fish.

Rainbow Fish solves the problem of HDMI over long distance. With Rainbow Fish technology, the HDMI signal is converted to light pulses that carry the full high-definition HDMI signal up to 1000 feet. Fiber optic cable has virtually no electrical interference and is the future of the connected home.

Rainbow Fish Fiber Optic HDMI is sleek and elegant. It can be easily hidden when connected between your HDMI-connected products and blends in easily when tucked neatly at the baseboard molding in your home. It’s easy to use and works with all HDMI connected products to your HDTV or 3DTV.